Around 25 years ago when I first began working from home there were hardly any other women who were on those early morning flights. Women today make up more than half of business travelers and hotels all over the globe are trying to figure out the best way to keep women satisfied. This is a crucial question as women are two times as committed to hotels than men. One senior executive who clocks 70 to 80 nights in a room each per year “When you find hotels that makes me feel safe and comfortable I’ll go back again and repeatedly – even if the rooms are more expensive and further away from where I’m meeting. “incontriamocixxx

What do women really want?

Sorry for not being capable of answering this question with regards to hotel stay, here are our most wanted items… in the event that all your business needs (fax access to the internet in the room or WiFi meeting rooms, printing, business papers delivered to the room, etc.) have been fulfilled.

1) Top notch security. A lot of women enjoy it when they have floors that is only accessible using a key card. it doesn’t necessarily have to be a female-only floor, however non-residents are not allowed to access the floor. Security considerations for women are entitled to well-lit and controlled parking garages, with intercomsand valet parking, and an escort service for parking areas. A lot of hotels have bell attendants escort women to their rooms in the evening. The front desk staff could assist by putting women in rooms close to elevators, so they do not have to walk through long, narrow hallways – particularly ones that curve and also keeping room numbers private at the time of the time of check-in. It’s as easy as pointing at the room’s number instead of saying it out loud.

2.) Clean, fresh smelly bathrooms. Most hotels have this in their inventory however, hotels that make efforts to cater to women include women’s magazines, fresh flowers and potpourri to the bathroom after the room is decorated. The cupboards are filled with plenty of hangers, such as the camisole and skirt hangers, as well as one that is cushioned, too. “Chick flicks” are added to the movie lineup. One hotel chain also provides yoga classes and guided visualization.

3) Inviting bathrooms. Bathrooms are a must for women. clean and tidy. They’re more specific than men when it comes to this. That means there’s no hairs that fall on the flooring (check the corners, as women tend to do) There is no grit in the tub or smudges appearing on the mirrors. Hotels are beginning to put in curving shower curtain rails in order that the curtains of the shower can be kept off the human body (and less likely to be a source of mold). Along with being elegantly decorated, the shower should have a adequate lighting (for applying make-up) as well as a full-length mirror at the door and outlets that can accommodate the curling iron, as well as a high-quality hair dryer that has a cord sufficient to allow hair to be styled behind the mirror. It is essential for both women and men Showers should be equipped with sufficient pressure to wash away hair conditioner. It’s very annoying (and not the ideal way to begin the day) when you try to rinse your long hair after the hotel has an water miser! Tips for the hotelier: The staff cleaning are required to put towels to be left at the restroom when there’s only one female guest. Women should have a separate towel to wash their hair, another on their back, and another to wash their hands after applying make-up… You know the pattern I’m certain.

4.) attractive amenities. This could mean milled soaps in the bathroom shampoos and conditioners which don’t smell like sports and thicker towels, as well as large-sized and fluffy bathrobes. Certain hotels have launched an spa line for female guests, which has received an extremely positive response.

5) Locked cupboard “mini bars”. Women travelers tell us they’d love to have mini bars that are stocked with items like pantyhose (queen size and regular) and tampons, as well as panty liners , and other items that aren’t something you can just rush out and get whenever you’re out of stock or have a sudden need.

6.) Sports Centres. Apart from having well-lit, secure gyms some hotels offer safe jogging tracks. Women not only wish to feel safe when using the gym, but they also would like to feel comfortable. This means ensuring that the gym is tidy and fully stocked with towels, water that is cool, Kleenex and anti-bacterial spray for the handles of the machines. It also involves adding mats, exercise balls, and lighter weights in the line-up of equipment.

7.) food and Finer food and finer. Women are more likely to prefer cafe or bistro style restaurants over loud sports bars. They are also looking for lighter menu options to pick from when they’re eating in the restaurant or ordering room service. When it comes to the actual eating experience at the restaurant, ladies may be uncomfortable when confronted with their single-diner status. “Will there be anyone else with you for dinner tonight?” is more preferable than “Eating on your own?” A wall may also help women feel more relaxed in a restaurant on their own, or perhaps a little attentiveness from the waitstaff. One suggestion is for hotels to create an online site for single diners, where guests can arrange for dining with another. Maybe even inquire from single diners whether they’d prefer to be joined by one of their friends.

8.) Last but not last but not least: to be treated with respect and professionalism. Hint to Hoteliers that women in their 40’s tend to have high expectations regarding service at hotels – and yet they are also the most likely to experience poor services from staff at hotels (and in fact, it includes the fact that they are more likely to file complaints due to their higher expectations of service!). Encourage your staff to give extra attention to these women since they are less sensitive to price and are more likely to recommend your hotel to friends.