What to Do After a Car Accident as a Teenager

When we talk about driving, it’s easily one of the most dangerous activities of all time. In the United States alone, there have been more than 5 million accidents in the past decade, with over 100,000 deaths and more. Now, even though lots of accidents result in fatalities, the vast majority of them end up in injuries. 

In such a case, a good lawyer is of the utmost importance. When you reach out to the Best Car Accident Attorney in Knoxville, they’ll know how to present your case and will guide you on how to win it. 

Car accidents have repercussions that might be drastic and are now more common than ever. Moreover, reports show that car accidents are most common between the age groups of 16-and 19. Taking this into perspective, here are some of the things you ought to do if you’ve just been involved in a car accident as a teenager:

  1. Stay Calm

First and foremost, it’s highly imperative that you stay calm. Most people tend to pick right after a car accident, owing to which they end up doing things they might later regret. For instance, immediately after an accident, you might unintentionally take the blame for the accident or say something that might later be used against you in court. This is to be avoided at all costs. 

After an accident, seek help and try to relax. You have the right to remain silent, indicating that you aren’t always liable to give answers without your lawyer standing nearby. 

  1. Move Your Car to the Side of the Road

After the occurrence of an accident, check if your car or the other party’s car is moveable. If so, move the car out of harm’s way and out of the way of oncoming traffic. This would also help to ensure a more stress-free experience with lower chances of coverage. 

Also, after moving your car to a safe place you should check your injuries immediately. 

  1. Call for Help

Be sure to call for help if you see that the other party has been injured more severely. Asking for help should be one of your main moves right after an accident. You can ask the people around you to call 911 if you’re stuck in the vehicle. 

However, if you can easily get out of the vehicle, still you should call 911 to report the car accident to the police as it’s a legal obligation in a car accident case. 

  1. Alert Your Guardians and the Authorities

If you’re a teenager and have been involved in an accident, reach out to your guardians as well as the authorities at your earliest. Your guardians will work to act out as representatives in your case if you’re a minor. For this reason, they should be well-informed regarding everything from the get-go. 

In case you already have a family lawyer then you should contact him immediately and not talk to the opposite party or police without your lawyer. 

  1. Seek Medical Help

In terms of an accident, seeking medical help is crucial. A car accident brings forth numerous complications, including concussions and more. Visit the doctor right after the accident to see if your health is in check. 

Seeking medical assistance is not just beneficial for your safety but it is equally important for preparing a car accident case whether if you are on defense or a victim trying to prove the liability of the at fault driver. After getting medical assistance from a good hospital you should obtain a complete medical record to prepare a file and share it with your car accident lawyer. 

Can You Sue a Teenager for a Car Accident Case?

Yes, you might be able to sue a teenager; however, the impact of the case may vary from state to state. Even then, it’s clear that a claim or a case with a teenager involved might go on for a very long time. For one, their parents might be held responsible in case of more severe accidents. 

Teenagers might also be held liable to pay the amount of money for the settlements once they turn eighteen. 

Final Verdict:

Now, things might tend to get scary if and when you’ve been involved in an accident as a teenager, but you need not worry as long as you have the Best Car Accident Attorney in Knoxville by your side. By entrusting your case to an effective lawyer, you’ll be making the right move and avoiding any potential mishaps. 

In addition to that, it’s always wise to take a free consultation from a law expert in these situations. So, in case if you or some you know has been involved in a similar situation then you should not wait any further and reach out to a professional car accident lawyer. For a free consultation with one of the top law firms in Knoxville you can dial  (770) 733-0909. 

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