What Gutter Guard is Best?

John Ferguson • Jun 17, 2021

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Thinking Of Getting Gutter Guard. Let’s Look at The Common Systems and See What Works.

Are you thinking of installing a gutter guard system to your home or property? Is it a worthwhile investment? In most cases, yes. If your gutters are victim to birds accessing your roof space, or leaves landing in and clogging your gutters, then gutter guard will most certainly be a worthy investment. Not only will it Best Gutter Guard

keep birds and other pests out of your gutters, it will also keep out most leaves and debris. Eliminating the need to have to have your gutters cleaned regularly, saving you both stress and money.

If you have ever faced the tedious and often messy task of having to clean out a blocked gutter, then it is not a task you would want to repeat very often. Not only is it physically demanding it also poses a serious risk of injury. Ladder falls are one of the number one causes of injury in Australia today.

Whilst installing a gutter guard to your property will reduce the number of times you have to climb that ladder and clean the system out, their purpose is aimed at doing a lot more than just stopping you getting your hands dirty!

Clogged gutters can cause significant damage to your home and even void your insurance warranty. When leaves and debris build up in your guttering system, it prevents rainwater from draining down your downspout like it is designed to – eventually building up, which in turn can lead to significant damage to your roofing and foundations.

When it comes to choosing the right gutter guard system for your home, with so many options on offer it can be tough to know which is right one for your property or budget – so we have looked and the benefits and negatives of some of the most common gutter guard systems on the market today.

Wire Brush Gutter Guards

Brush gutter guards are probably the cheapest and easiest gutter guard systems to install on the market. Coming in various lengths, you simply need to place the brush guards into the gutter system for them to start working.

These guards work by acting as a barrier against leaves and other debris, with the plastic bristles designed to brush them down towards the ground whilst still allowing rainwater to flow freely. Although brush gutter guards are effective and incredibly easy for you to install, without needing any real DIY skills, they are prone to letting smaller debris enter the gutter still; meaning you will need to clean them out regularly. These gutter guards act as debris catchers which can be great for protecting your downspouts, but they do need to be kept cleaned out regularly, so they don’t become a bushfire hazard and cause water flow problems. We have also found that they can have a short service life typically 5 years or less and over the years we have had to remove these from people gutters regularly, as customers have found they cause more issues then prevent.

Foam Gutter Guards

Another very easy solution to install at home by yourself, are foam gutter guards. Again, you simply slot them into the gutter (although like the brush version you should affix this in with cable ties or similar). As they are so easy to install, they are a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts, and they are effective at stopping debris from entering the gutter system. The problem with foam guards however is that the material itself encourages the growth of mould whilst it is also common for any seeds that have fallen onto the foam to begin sprouting roots and growing. Exposure to the elements can also cause the foam to degrade and break down, meaning they need to be replaced every few years. They can also create a flat surface on which debris can accumulate becoming a bushfire hazard so we encourage people to stay away from these if you live in a bushfire area. And when buying off the shelf, they are limited in which gutters they can be installed in. Although a cheaper option, they are certainly not an effective choice.

Integrated Gutter Guard and Ember Guard Mesh

In our experience investing in an integrated Gutter Guard system is by far the best option available, if you need a gutter protection system for your property. Our gutter guard system is fitted directly to the lip of the gutter with an angle trim and then run up the roof and are affixed to the roof with our patented design, by using metal Colourbond saddles on every second rib, to form a barrier from leaves and birds.

With its ski-slope effect all leaves are then able to fall from the roof to the ground, protecting your gutters and home from potential damage.

Incredibly durable, our gutter guards are arguably the most effective and preferred solutions available in Tasmania today.

Although they are a little more expensive than some other options, the integrated mesh system will last longer and can even help to increase the overall strength of the gutters. Saving you money in the long run, by not having to replace your gutters. You can also have peace of mind knowing your helping protect your home from bushfires and nesting birds and being an Australian made and produced product, your gutter guard system is backed by our 15-year warranty, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

We service areas ranging from Hobart to Launceston and will also travel to the East Coast for our Tasmanian customers. If you need help choosing which system to invest in, we can provide you with a Free Assessment and Quote.

Will Gutter Guard Keep Birds Out of My Gutters

John Ferguson • Jun 23, 2021

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If you reside in Tasmania, you may be fully aware of the issue’s birds entering your gutters and using your roof space as a nesting ground can cause?

Not only are birds nesting in your roof space a health hazard, but they are also an annoying nuisance that can drive even the most sane individual crazy. You may have tried alternative methods to keep out birds? We’ve witnessed toy snakes on roofs, fake owls screwed to gutters, wire mesh and timber in gutters as a means of keeping out birds. But the truth is most of these tactics don’t work and the best and most effective means of keeping birds out of your gutters is by installing Aluminium Gutter Guard protection to your gutters. Our system is 100% bird proof, and we guarantee that once installed birds will not be able to access your gutters anymore.

We’ve serviced hundreds of customers in and around Tasmania who have experienced bird problems and we are proud to say they no longer have a bird issue. Not only will a professionally installed Gutter Guard system keep out birds it will also keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris lowering maintenance costs and the need to regularly clean clogged gutters. They can also help protect your home in the event of a nearby fire, by keeping your gutters clear of dry debris.

Birds and pests can carry a wide array of diseases that can then propagate into your home. Bird droppings alone carry around 60 different diseases, and there is every possibility that this could be passed onto your family. While a pest controller can rid these critters from invading your roof momentarily, they can’t prevent them from returning again and again.

To remove these unwanted pests permanently, your best option is to invest in a gutter protection and bird proofing solution. Gutter Guard King Tas, combines the two in a simple and durable protection solution. Here’s how:


At Gutter Guard King Tas, we are the gutter protection specialists and are experts at supplying homeowners with a permanent preventative bird and pest solutions. Through the development of our Gutter Guard products, we can provide our customers with guaranteed protection against unwanted birds nesting and causing damage to your roof’s cavity. 

We will provide you will provide you with a Gutter Guard solution that leaves no chance of unexpected visitors residing in your home. Using only the highest quality aluminium, our professional technicians will create a barrier across the top of your gutters that ensures that rainwater can still flow freely, but ensures that most leaves, debris, and feathery friends stay out.


At the time of your Gutter Guard installation, our team of professional gutter guard installers will ensure that a thorough and extensive inspection is completed. This ensures that no birds or large pests are present prior to installation and all your gutters will be thoroughly cleaned.

We take this extra precaution because of the unmatched protection offered by a Gutter Guard King Tas. Once the product is installed, there is no chance of any potentially present critters being able to escape, so we advise you complete a pest eradication before your gutter guard installation.

Gutter Guard King Tasmania’s gutter protection products are crafted from a finely woven mesh, meaning that even the smallest amount of debris and pests can’t penetrate its barriers. This results in a gutter protection system that is clean and clear and requires little to no maintenance on your behalf.


You can rest assured that a Gutter Guard King Tasmania supply and install is developed from only the highest quality materials, providing you with a bird-proof and debris preventative gutter solution that will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Want to know more? Call our team today!

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