Technology is taking place in every field of business. In real estate also technology has taken place. A mobile application makes business smooth functioning and beneficial. In real-estate a mobile application makes it profitable and makes its work smoothly done.

But now the question is that if we develop a mobile application for real-estate business, what features should it have?

In this blog, we are going to discuss “what features should a real-estate app have”?

What features should a real-estate app have?

Easy and smart searching and filtering option-

These two features are the most important features for the real-estate application. You should provide an easy search option to the visitors as they can find homes easily according to the location, region, cost, size, and many more.

Property listing-

Property listing is the 2nd most important feature for the real-estate business after the easy and smart searching option. This listing should include a detailed list of properties and prime information should be displayed in the front of the listing and other information is displayed when visitors enter the listed property. Contact SearchingYard: one of the top software companies in India and get a mobile application for your business. It also provides the best mobile app development services.



The real-estate app is incomplete without the integration of app features. A map helps to provide a lot of information to end-users. Apart from the location map gives the information like crime rate, infrastructure, landmarks, nearby schools or colleges, and many more.

Property Profiles-

This feature gives detailed information about the property such as a description of the property, photos, videos, price details, and many more.

It helps visitors to take decisions wisely about whether they want to buy the property or not.

Sign up/ Login-

Sign-up/ Login is the most basic feature of the real-estate app. Some ways to do this are as follows.

  • With a Social Media account
  • With E-mail account
  • Phone verification

Combining these three options is great. It allows visitors to sign-up and logs in easily.

Call and direct messaging-

After providing in-depth information about the property, you have to take the visitors to the next level of the sales funnel by adding the following features.

  • Direct call
  • Online chat option
  • Book a meeting

This feature allows visitors to contact you directly if they wish to buy your property.

Virtual Tour

A virtual tour or 3D walkthrough allows visitors to get the real-time feel of the home they want to purchase and it helps them to take the decision right away. It is one of the most important features that a real-estate app should have.

Final word-

If you are thinking about getting a mobile app for real estate then you must integrate these features we discussed above or you can contact SearchingYard: one of the top software companies in India for getting it done smoothly.


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