Trophy: The Origin and Evolution

The English word prize is gotten from the French word “trophee” and Greek word “tropaion.” The Greek word “tropaion” signifies to defeat and the French word “trophee” basically implies riches of a conflict.

For the Greek the prizes began from the war zone. novelty The triumphant group made a champion kind of figure from the arms and norms of the crushed group. This figure was hung to a tree and it was engraved with fight stories and was committed to god and later obliterated as a heresy. The Romans constructed excessive prizes that comprised of segments and curves on top of an establishment.

Olympics, today, use awards to recognize the victors. In old Greece, Olympic victors were congratulated with a shrub wreath and didn’t get prizes.

Initially a prize was molded as a goblet and made with a wooden base, a wooden segment and a metal figure. In any case, with relaxing the patterns changed and wood was supplanted by marble and the figures are put together with plastic and painted the ideal tone.

The shapes and sizes of a prize also have developed with time. The vessel is as yet utilized in a few noticeable games like the Davis and the Stanley cup, however other fascinating puppets that are being involved like an adapted human for the foundation grants or the Oscars and the utilization of a spaceship for the Hugo grants for science.

The ongoing FIFA world cup prize is planned by Silvio Gazzaniga and been in commission beginning around 1974. The honor portrays two human figures holding the Earth. The ongoing prize weighs 5 kilos and stands 36.5 centimeters tall. Both the Wimbledon and the FIFA world Cup prize can’t be won through and through, the champs of the competition get an imitation of the prize.

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