How to Read a House Floor Plans? Plans being the vital link between the architects, contractors, engineers and the end user that is the client need to be detailed at a specific level of understanding so that it becomes easier to understand and visualize the structure prior its execution. When the symbols or the notations get a common coding it gets easier to read every different plan and understand the flow of spaces and what changes should be incorporated in the final structure. View: Vastu Compliant Indian Floor Plans and 3D designs   Reading plans is actually like a game of decoding spaces and understand the symbolic representation of the plan data. It makes publicity easier and also helps to convey the idea without actually meeting the person in live. Reading plans is a simple task and requires some important pointers to be kept in mind. 7 Basic Steps to read a Floor Plan Properly 1. Reading Scale and Basic Data The first thing to look in a plan is the scale of the drawing along with the title and the basic data like what the project is on and what kind of plan is it This helps to get […] read more