How an Indian PEO can help you grow your business Locals may be okay with flexible deadlines, but clients based abroad may see it as a deviation from the norm. For firms working with foreign clientele and servicing their needs, understanding how bHow an Indian PEO can help you grow your business  Hiring a PEO (Professional Employer Organisation) in India can help you expand your global business plans at economic cost. Indian PEO: The vital link to growing your business. These local firms can provide you with a checklist for incorporation of a foreign Company’s subsidiary formation in India, also setting up an office in India, and payroll and compliance services in India and can also advise you on logistic and legal issues. This helps bridge the gap between hiring local talent and contributing to a successful business venture.   EOR services in India focus on serving the client’s interests at all times Setting up a business in India has its set of challenges. However, these can be tackled by recruiting the right Employer of Record (EOR) services in India. They understand local issues, and are experts with both technical and logistical experience. Here’s how they can help a foreign client grow their business successfully. Helping your business adapt with localisation  It’s the process of adapting […] read more