In the current online casinos at the W88 house, Baccarat is a game that many people love because of its simplicity and high winning rate. For those who like simplicity, fast and no need to think too much. The following article will guide you in detail on the simplest and easiest way to play Baccarat.   1. Guide to playing Baccarat at W88 The basic rules of Baccarat are similar to the Vietnamese three-card scratch card game, but with a slight difference in form. A table has 3 doors for players to bet on, including:   Player: Ratio of 1 to 1 (For example, if you bet 100$, you will eat 100$)   Banker (Banker): Odds of 1 to 0.95 (For example, if you bet 100$, you get 95$)   Tie (Cua Hoa): This is the most unlikely so the odds are very high of 1 to 8 (or maybe 9 depending on the house).     Instructions on how to play Baccarat in detail at W88   In a game of Baccarat, the Dealer (dealer) will deal up to 3 cards to Player and Banker in turn. You only need to choose 1 of the three doors to place […] read more