Benefits of Drinking Water Stored in Copper Water Bottle  The first element that man ever knew was copper, according to history. The transition from using stones as weapons to copper during the Chalcolithic or Copper Age may be seen. Copper was used in a variety of ways by ancient societies including Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, Somalia, the Incas, Aztecs, and Indians. It was used for domestic items as well as trading currencies. Using copper containers for drinking water is mentioned in Ayurvedic writings. Because copper is the sole metal with anti-bacterial characteristics, copper mine workers were shown to be immune to cholera in the 1800s, proving that copper has these qualities. Numerous ailments, such as cuts, headaches, and even varicose veins, have been treated with copper over the years in a variety of ways. The use of has increased due to the popularity of ayurvedic treatments and locally produced medicines.The use of copper goods in household objects, particularly copper cups and pitchers, has increased along with the popularity of ayurvedic medicine and traditional treatments. We’re going to show you the one metal that has survived the course of history without losing its credibility, along with 13 incredible health advantages of […] read more