Renewable energy is a perfect alternative to non-renewable fossil fuel energy. Renewable energy we can get it is solar energy, water power and wind energy. This kind of energy is unfailing and inexhaustible and simply clean for natural environment. Every kind of renewable energy have own specifics, but the most efficient is solar energy.


Solar energy is one from the most important renewable energy source, and we can use solar energy in two ways,  as solar thermal and solar electric by installing of solar PV panels. Both kind of solar panels give us profits.

In present time, while we are fighting with climate changing, a solar energy is one most important renewable energy source. Energy of solar rays we can use on two fronts, solar thermal panel and solar PV for electric production. More popular are solar PV panels,  they generate electricity from the sun. Another kind of solar panels, solar thermal panels, are used to heat water which is in turn used as hot water in the kitchen and bathroom or to heat spaces in the house.


How does solar panel work?


A solar thermal panel is a device to absorb energy from the sun and to generate heat. Heat will be used to provide hot water at all home, to system of heater and to bathroom and kitchen.

Another solar panel which is referred as photovoltaic cell because one panel it is made of many cells that are used to convert the light from the sun into electricity.

Every solar panel must be turned to the sun in order to enable maximum absorption of the sun rays because more sun rays coming to the panel will generate more energy from the sun. Solar panels are installed as a single panel on the roof of private house or as a big solar panel farms to give electric to national system. PV panels and solar thermal panels are used in many homesteads in the world due to their many pros they give. Kind of  installed panels, decide that they give electric or heat for system of heater at home. Both system of solar panels give big profits for their owner as reduced bills and help to reduce climate changing.


Profits of solar panels using


Ecology profits

Solar panels are environmental friendly if we compare them to burning of fossil fuels to generate electric energy. They do not emit any gases, do not emit any smoke,  or chemical substance or risky for health heavy metals.

Climate on Earth go to change because of too many carbon emissions and solar panels help us to avoiding of gas emission and helps in safeguarding our environment. This ecological status of solar panels is very important for us. Being environment friendly in present time is very important for human. Using of solar panels help us to control global warming.

Financial profit

Use of solar panels let us use a free energy of the sun and only cost we have to cover are costs of panels, installation and maintenance. After that for many years our house can use solar energy for free, but need to remember that the panels does require regular maintenance provided by specialist, solar panels engineer.

Profit for rural regions

Solar panels can be operated off grid, and it is important for those peoples who live in isolated areas like rural regions. Off electric or gas grid means that the house is not connected to the state’s grid and have to find the own way to provide electric and heat or air-condition. In this situation, the solar PV panels and solar thermal panels are the best way to solve these problems.

Cost of solar panels, year by year are cheaper because of grant from the government, and cheaper technology which is used to panel production. Free raw material it means solar rays decide that photovoltaic system is the best for rural region.

People who are living in towns can also use the renewable energy and install solar panels or solar thermal panels on the roofs and this way will reduce bills for electric, gas or hot water.

So, don’t wait longer, take a look around of your area and go to local PV company to ask them what you can to do to use renewable energy for your home.

Good luck.