Every time you get a opportunity to discover the needs of your customers and what they would like from you, think of it an excellent chance to learn. The needs and desires of your clients–as well as their experiences with your business are essential to identify the main focus of your marketing strategies. Understanding and meeting what your customers need and require will not only lead to satisfied customers but, when you apply this understanding to your work and experience, the experiences of your company can be your company’s brand. DUI

In a law firm for corporate clients located in Century City a few years back, a partner who was a senior member met with the client following having completed the firm’s first public offering. The two men talked about their relationship for a long time. “We’ve gone through a lot together, both good and bad. From climbing from our financial woes and opening our first four stores to the building of over four hundred before finally going publicly,” the president of the company said with a smile. “It was not an easy road however I’m sure that I’m glad at the end of the day that it was you that was along with us. Wherever we went you were there with us.”

When a client is able to speak to you with a heartfelt voice the information you gain is invaluable. The marketing materials of that Century City law firm had previously highlighted their reputation as well as their flexibility and ability to stand up to tough situations. If they hadn’t incorporated this advice from the client and experience, they could miss out on an excellent marketing opportunity. Fortunately, the partner who was in charge was an expert in marketing. He instantly recognized the value of long-term customer praise. It became a key aspect of the firm’s image and, over time it made its way into the brand’s marketing and branding materials “Wherever you go, we’ll be. …” Lawyer

Beyond the excellent service, the solid lawyer’s advice as well as the expectations of professionalism, what was important for the client’s emotional state was the fact that this firm was with his company through the good and bad.
Some of your customers will give you a memorable marketing phrase. However, a seasoned professional who has the right skills will increase your awareness of these when they do occur, and, more crucially will help you utilize them to determine how your business markets its services. However, the most important thing in this instance isn’t the appealing slogan or the expression of appreciation. What is what makes that Century City firm’s marketing insight crucial is that it is a basic fact about the company that it stands by its customers even when the times are tough. This is the way the company conducts business.

In the mid-1990s one of the biggest law firms in the country determined to take advantage of the technological boom. The marketing department recommended to the firm to target small-scale businesses that were just starting out and provide them with a lower hourly rate for all business issues in the hopes that, if the venture did well, the firm was able to take on all of legal tasks, including the possibility of putting them on the market. They believed that this would show the firm’s dedication and loyalty to their clients who were smaller and less able to protect themselves. One client who was one of them experienced this unpleasant experience with the company:

“In early stages, our business took an interest in the idea we were trying to develop. They took time to get know us, and they expressed an interest in seeing us succeed. I truly believed in that they were serious. It was my turn to attend company-sponsored seminars, and was even invited to the firm’s very own sky booth to watch that big event. Everything was going smoothly until the tech bubble burst and, that meant our strong relationship with the company. No more phone calls from the firm’s friendly partner to check what the company did. After a few days I was lucky enough to receive my calls back. They understood that we were in a tight spot for cash , and when we couldn’t cover their expenses, they commenced a lawsuit against us. They didn’t only sue the company (the one they assisted us to create) They also targeted me personally, as I was the head of the company. This was a disassembly. After the chips had fallen the firm swarmed the us using knives. We will not forget the experience. Neither will my friends and colleagues.”