Can you imagine curling your hair with the best professional flat iron? We at H2Opro Beautylife can proudly state, ‘Yes, indeed you can!’ Once you’ve mastered the art of curling your hair with a professional flat iron, there is no turning back! The end result involves gorgeous-looking, bouncy curls with a lustrous sheen.

Allow us to walk you through the process of acquiring the best curls using a professional hair straightener:- 

Step one 

Start by washing your hair, and towel dry it to remove the excess water. Blast-dry your hair with our H2Pro Ultra Light 2000 hair dryer to ensure that it’s free of moisture. Damp hair can make the process tedious and the results will not pan out as planned. 

Step two 

This is all about choosing the right professional hair straightening iron for the curling process. We recommend using the H2Pro Classic Master 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron. The straightener is ideal, as the plate is one inch wide, and the handles have a rounded edge which will help acquire smooth curls. The Classic Master is equipped with three layers of baked ceramic plates that use nanotechnology and Turamoline to aid in smoothening hair. 

Step three

Begin by heating your iron and set the temperature according to your hair texture. If your hair is thin and fine, try using a lower temperature. Up the heat slightly if your hair is of medium thickness. The temperature can go up to the highest point when dealing with thick, coarse, or damaged hair. 

While the iron is heating up, generously apply some of our Marula oil spray to act as a protectant against the heat that retains moisture. Spread the liquid evenly across your scalp and hair. The formulation comprises the goodness of marula oil and a variety of other oils that protects the hair from damage caused by the heat. The oil also promotes hair growth, adds strength, and eliminates frizz. 

Step four 

Before resuming with the curling process, ensure that you’ve partitioned your hair. Create a half pony and stack it into a bun. Start curling from the lower end, and graduate upward. Blow dry the front as desired, and you’re ready to go! 


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