Companies of all sizes often find themselves with the need for temporary employees to deal with a seasonal increase in workload or simply to handle a short term project. There are various ways of finding good temporary employees, such as using in-house recruitment practices or using the services of a recruitment agency. This article will look at these two methods and what is needed to be done to find a professional recruitment agency if that is the route chosen to find temporary Recruitment Lithuania staff.

The method chosen to find temporary staff depends totally on the requirements. Suppose you are a small shop owner and you need just around 2-3 temporary staff members. For this you can simply put a notice in your shop or advertise in a local newspaper. This is a simple method and very inexpensive, but it is a quick and easy way to ensure your job positions will be Recruitment agency Lithuania fulfilled.

But if you have a large company, hiring temporary candidates on your own can be tedious at best. For this reason, contacting a placement agency will probably be the better choice. These agencies take note of your business type and requirements, and will then refer a number of candidates to you who will all have the necessary skills and experience to do the job. All that the company personnel department needs to do is decide which of them to hire.

But if you decide that a recruitment agency s the best way for you, how do you go about selecting a good one? This is particularly important because any agency will charge a specific amount for each and every candidate they refer to you. Selecting an unprofessional agency could possible result in non-eligible and unskilled candidates being referred to you, which will increase your problems rather then help to solve them. The ways to find a good temporary employment agency for your staffing needs are covered in more detail at

In order to select only a professional and established recruitment agency, here are a few points that will help you in your selection.

First, narrow down your selection to those agencies which cater to your business sector, especially a specialist agency. They will understand your needs much better than a general agency. Then, interview those agencies on various aspects, such as the number of temporary workers they have on their books, their procedure for determining a candidate’s eligibility and so on. Then compare different agencies on the basis of rates they charge for the service of finding temporary employees for you.