In this Big Data Tutorial, I will give you an in-depth understanding of Big Data. For more information, go to the business rule engine example.

Below are the subjects that I will address within this Big Data Tutorial:

  • The story of Big Data
  • Big Data Driving Factors
  • What exactly is Big Data?
  • Big Data Characteristics
  • Different types of Big Data
  • Some examples of Big Data
  • The applications of Big Data
  • The challenges of Big Data

Let me begin this Big Data Tutorial by telling an enlightening json rules engine .

The Story of Big Data

In the early days there was a time when people traveled between villages village using a horse-driven cart. However, as times passed, villages turned into towns and towns were spread out. The distances between one town to the next town was also increasing. It became difficult traveling between town as well as the baggage. Then, out of the blue one of the smartest fellas suggested that we groom and feed horses more often, in order to fix the issue. If I think about this suggestion, it’s not too bad however, do you believe horses can be transformed into elephant? I’m not sure. Another smart person said, instead of one horses pulling the cart let us have four horses pulling this same wagon. What are your thoughts of this idea? I believe it’s an excellent solution. Nowadays, people can cover vast distances in a shorter amount of time and carry more baggage.

The same idea applies to Big Data. Big Data says, till the present, we were content in storing data onto our servers due to the size of data was small and the time required to process the data was also acceptable. In the present technological age, data is increasing too quickly and people are dependent on data a lot of times. Due to the speed with which data grows, it’s becoming difficult to store it on any server.

Through this blog , Big Data Tutorial, let us examine the source that are the source of Big Data, which the conventional systems have failed to process and store.

Big Data Driving Factors

The amount of data available on the planet is increasing rapidly due to many reasons. Divers sources and our day-to- every day activities produce a large amount of information. Thanks to the advent of the web all of the globe has gone online and everything we do leaves behind a digital footprint. With smart objects being brought online and data growing, the rate has accelerated. The primary source of Big Data are social media websites, sensor networks, digital images and videos, cell phones transactions, purchase records, web logs health records, archives security for military, commerce complicated scientific research , and more. The totality of these data sources is about Quintillion bits of information. In 2020, the volume of data will reach 40 Zettabytes, which is equal to adding every grain of sand that exists on earth multiplied by seventy-five.