In every organization, there are departments that make sure the organization runs smoothly without breakdowns or hindrances. The organizations are headed by managers who have management skills to hold office and manage the departments. The managers act as leaders in their respective department and shows junior staff the estate management way.

Field management

Field management deals with all the properties the organization owns apart from the assets that the company deals with directly. A good example of field management is association management. Association management is distinct in that it deals with the unique environment of associations. Members of an organization deals or governs the association by file encryption themselves.

Managerial work of every organization is simply to make profit for the shareholders, create high quality products for customers and at a reasonable cost and provide employment opportunities for employees. For nonprofit making organizations, managers have to maintain loyalty of the donors. In modern organizations’ management, the shareholders are the sole owners of the organization. They are then tasked with voting in for the board of directors, and then the board hires the senior management team. However, in some organizations, employees vote for the managers selected or review their history before ushering them to office.

Management traces it history back in the Ancient civilization, it is known as the modernity conceptualization. It was first used in the ancient trade and during the construction of pyramids in ancient Egypt. It was slowly developed during the slave trade where slave owners used motivation as a way of getting their work done without a go-slow.