Google ebda explained

What is Google EBDA?

The abbreviation EBDA can be defined as ‘Exchange Bidding in Dynamic Allocation’. It is also known as Exchange Bidding and Open Bidding. Google Exchange Bidding Dynamic Allocation (EBDA) is Google’s server-side substitute or alternative to header bidding. Let’s jump and uncover how Google EBDA explained: Fundamentally, EDBA is a server-side unified auction that empowers exchanges and SSPs to compete with Google’s Ad Exchange (AdX) for impressions. The unified auction takes place within the ad server and not the user’s browser.

Why was EBDA created?

Google created EBDA to counter Header Bidding. Header Bidding was compelled or fueled by the assurance of better yields and diminishing the influence of Google AdX. In some cases, more of a reliance reduction on Google AdX. The feature ‘dynamic allocation’ was already available for publishers within DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) to assist AdX to strive with a publisher’s own direct sales efforts. By adding Open Bidding successfully empowered open auctions to contend with guaranteed and remnant line items. Google’s shift to a first-price auction helped in creating a razed playing field for monetizing publisher inventory. Therefore, the creation of EBDA was a strategic move towards restoring publisher confidence in working with Google.

How does EBDA or Open Bidding work?

Which one is right for you? EBDA or Header Bidding?

In the world of programmatic, there are no black or white, north, or south, or poles apart answers. The undeniable truth or a perfect answer is an amalgamation of the two strategies that can complement. No one can say that one solution is better than the other; it totally depends on your technical capability. Your capability might vary from advanced or minimal, whether you give more importance to transparency, latency, or control, whatever suits you the best! However, there is a third attainable solution at your disposal that you can consider. Header Bidding and Open Bidding in one uncomplicated set-up! AdSparc’s Header Bidding solution runs both auctions to strengthen the bids for each impression without bargaining the performance.

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