The origin of slot games dates back to the end of the 19th century. The first slot game was developed by the company Sittman and Pitt, based in New York, in 1891. In a very short time, slot games could already be found in several bars and 온라인카지노 in the country, with the price of one nickel per stake. Bets were carried out in a very practical way, players only had to insert their money into it and pull a lever to start the game.

Since then, slot games have become popular all over the world. That’s because in addition to being easy to play, they offered good rewards to winners. These slots gained more space with the migration to the virtual environment as well, this transition was very well accepted by the players and only made the slot games intensify even more.

Today, there are thousands of titles available, from classic and traditional slots to modern, movie, series and sports-themed versions. In addition to the wide variety of games, there are also two more common styles of slots, those that adopt the mechanics of “pay lines” (in English, “pay lines”), and those that adopt the “ways to win” (in English, “ways to win”).

Understand What Payline Slots Are

This term refers to the lines that cross the grids of online slots. To win the prize in games that use this mechanic, it is necessary that the symbols are in specific positions, such as in a straight line or diagonally. Thus, before starting the game, the player needs to define which pay lines he wants to bet on.

Paylines can still be found on many slots as this is the more traditional mechanics of the game. However, some other methods like the “ways to win” method have also become quite popular because it is considered less complex.

How Slots Work with the “Ways to Win” Method

In 라이브카지노, slot games have gained several functions, such as the possibility of getting free spins and bonus spins, to attract more and more gamblers. These changes have come in tandem with the trend for games to adopt “ways to win” rather than traditional paylines.

Slots using the “Ways to Win” method generally have 243 ways to win. This is the name used because a slot game with five reels and three lines of symbols has a total of 243 possible winning combinations, as unlike payline slots, in this type of game the symbols do not necessarily have to be side by side. or diagonally to reward.

The 1024 ways to win slot is among the most popular these days as it gives you the chance to make many more winning combinations. The 1024 ways to win slot operates with five reels and four lines of symbols, potentially increasing the odds of winning. The biggest game providers already offer games with this engine.

These days, other major iGaming providers have already increased the number of “ways to win” even further, as is the case with Big Time Gaming, which developed a slot game with a six-reel, seven-symbol structure, totaling no less. than 117,649 ways to win.

Which Slot Type is the Most Advantageous?

Slots that operate with the payline mechanism tend to have more frequent losses, as even if the player has a sequence of matching symbols, they need to be in specific positions to guarantee a win. On the other hand, games with the “ways to win” mechanic have a greater combo of winning combinations, bringing a great advantage to the player. Anyone who thinks that this method does not offer anything negative is wrong, the prizes offered are usually very low which makes it difficult for the player to achieve great rewards.

Slot games that offer 243 or 1024 ways to win are without a doubt the best alternative for good earning potential. However, while they have a higher theoretical return to punters (RTP), you have to keep in mind that they are more volatile than traditional slots with payline mechanics.

How does the Random Number Generator work?

The random number generator (RNG) is a very common mechanism in online slot software, as it is a technology capable of generating random numerical results. The use of this mechanism by online casinos is very important as it guarantees users that the games are reliable and determined by luck. With the random number generator, the combination of symbols obtained in a round of the slot is determined from the number sequence drawn, that is, the program’s algorithm uses mathematical data to arrive at its result.

In addition to online slots, random number generators are also present in other virtual casino games such as roulette and blackjack. Its use even goes beyond the limits of the digital universe and even reaches physical casinos. As it is a modern and error-free technology, several casinos use it in video poker machines and in the slots themselves.

What Are Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots are slots that have a progressive jackpot, that is, a jackpot that increases in value each time the game is played with someone. This is because a pre-set percentage of each bet is added to this jackpot, as well as a portion of the casino’s profit percentage, which makes the progressive jackpot increase in value quickly.

For this reason, progressive slots are among the most popular games in any casino, as it is a slot with very considerable payouts, making it a good option for players looking for robust payouts.

To win a progressive jackpot slot, you need to get the most profitable winning combination in the game. In some slots, the player needs to place the maximum slot bet to compete for the jackpot, but this does not apply to all titles. Each time someone wins the progressive jackpot prize, the value reverts to a fixed amount, determined by the casino, which grows again as other players continue to play.

Scatter Symbol and Wild Symbol in Slots

Scatter and wild symbols are fundamental elements of the slot, given as the main symbols of the game.

The scatter symbol can have different functions in one slot and another. Generally speaking, this symbol is often the most important and valuable symbol in the game, as it is often used to unlock bonus features and free spins in games. In this way, the player has the possibility to increase or multiply their winnings. It is usually necessary to get at least three scatter symbols on the game reels for bonus rounds to trigger, such as free spins or a special stage where multiplier symbols appear to increase the prize.

In some slots, the scatter symbol needs to appear in specific places on the reel for the bonus to be activated, while in other titles, the symbol can continue to appear even during special phases to keep reactivating new spins and multiplying the prize amount.

The wild symbol, in turn, usually appears in the game in a format according to the theme of the slot, or just with the word “wild” stylized in the style of the game. The wild’s basic function is to replace any other paying symbol on the reel lines in a way that helps the player to form winning combinations. By doing this, the wild symbol is one of the great allies to be able to win money with slots.

It is worth noting that, in most slots, the wild cannot replace the scatter symbol or any other special bonus symbol, it can only replace the regular game symbols. In addition to this function, there are games where wild symbols can form their own winning combinations and reward players with good rewards.

Today, wild symbols in slots are even more significant because game developers have opted to put additional features on them, such as “Expanding Wilds” and “Shifting Wilds”. Therefore, finding these symbols on the slots reels has become even better, and an almost certain guarantee of accumulating prizes and competing for the desired jackpot.

How to Decide Which Slot to Play?

The choice on the type of slot to play mainly depends on the amount of money the player intends to wager. For players who like to bet higher amounts, slots with paylines are the best option, because despite having fewer winning combinations, the player can bet several times and thus take advantage of the low volatility of the game and the fact that the game offers bigger prizes and more chances of good rewards.

On the other hand, players who intend to wager a smaller amount will have better odds with “ways to win” type slots. As they will bet less often, their odds need to be boosted on a slot that offers a greater number of winning combinations, even though the prizes and rewards of these games are of lower value.

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