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June 29, 2022

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Self Compassion for a Mindful Divorce and Beyond

Speaking with a friend recently, he shared about the Shambala Buddhist concept of the Rising Sun. The sun rising in the East symbolizes goodness coming into being, light overtaking the dark. I particularly like this imagery when I think of the sun as our inner being, the inner light, presence, or true nature. We know that the sun doesn’t really rise or set, it is the earth that spins around the sun, so that we do not see the light during the night. In the same way, our inner light is always present – it is our thoughts that spin us around and around, causing us to lose awareness of that light, our true nature, and we experience confusion and darkness. From my own experience with divorcing, and as a divorce life coach helping people move through divorce and beyond, I have witnessed my own and my clients’ times of feeling lost and in the dark. The light at the center of our being always glows warmth and goodness, but sadly, we don’t always feel it. In times of divorce, there can be so much mental agitation and upset that it seems the mind might not ever stop spinning, and […] read more
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Basic Education Basics!

Today, I will highlight the possible solutions to a universal issue that affects many of our young population. Learning well and getting right answers later on is essential for the success of learning. In the end, exams and their preparations can be found and nobody is able to afford to fail. In the beginning, winning helps build the child’s confidence and success and ability to manage his or her future with wit and confidence. So, a basic education encompasses at the very least, the beginning 20 years of a typical life span and is an integral element of each generation’s life.bas utbildning I’m not here to claim that success is only possible with perseverance and effort, however the more we put in the effort, the more successful the result. The human brain isn’t just a mechanical piece of equipment that is divided and controlled in a order to produce the right amount of force. It is actually important to keep the study time to an average level and entrusting the child the responsibility for understanding, it ensures comprehension and, as long as the child isn’t able to comprehend, that he isn’t getting anything thrown into his/her head at this point.basutbildning Learning and studying at the same […] read more
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4 Tips To Help You Sell Your Online Course

Making and selling online courses is an ideal way to make an income from working online however, it can be difficult to earn money initially from digital But, even having a tiny budget (or even no budget! ) There are methods to promote your online course, and even try to at least make a few sales. 1. Promote the course online via your social media In accordance with the kind of site you’ve got depending on the type of website you have, you could have accounts on social media for your small-sized company. Even if you’re not established social media accounts for it you could advertise your online course on your private social media. Be sure to publish your content so that your friends and family members are able to see them, and users can share the content to their contacts and an even larger manager Find groups that are related closely to the online course topic and then join these. 2. Create content to promote your course Your online course until you’ve successfully explained what it’s teaching and the benefits they can get from it. Instead of becoming an aggressive salesperson write content about your online course […] read more
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