Box Testing – Its Not All Black and White

Most often, Box Testing is the most common method. Penetration Test (Pen Test) is used to determine the strength of a system against an attack or the possibility of software malfunctions. There are different levels of Box Testing . SOC specifically, White, Grey as well as Black Box Testing. Whitebox Testing as the most minimal intrusive since it is based on how the system functions in the manner it operates when certain practices and procedures are followed. Data and information flow is examined, as is errors and codes of procedure.

Whitebox Testing – also known as Penetration Test The Clear and open Box Testing – deals with the logic and the infrastructure of a system’s code. The overall goal of the Penetration Test endeavors to pinpoint any part of the code that could be faulty and thus susceptible to attacks. One of the main benefits is the fact that it assists to make sure that systems are properly maintained in the event that unclean and broken codes are recognized and cleaned. However, it is to be noted that although Penetration Test can identify a mess of code, Cyber Security studying every code line in a system isn’t possible.

It is possible to conduct Whitebox testing performed at any point. While many are inclined to suggest that the best method is to perform regularly Whitebox Testing during the development and testing stages – Making sure the vulnerabilities aren’t based on and the security capabilities of the system is tested.

Some methods for testing penetration include:

Unit Testing box testing at a fundamental level. Code of a particular unit is examined

Static Analysis The study of code to find imperfections

Dynamic Analysis – Performing and analysing the output of code

Security Concerns

Security is among the most sophisticated elements of any penetration test. Black, Grey and Whitebox Testing determine how susceptible a system is to being attacked. White Box Testing uncovering vulnerabilities and determining the implications should the system be attacked by an “insider” or anyone who has obtained certain passwords and access levels. Black Box Testing on the contrary, examines the system’s weaknesses from an outsider who has no prior information about the infrastructure of the system or passwords. How much a company’s systems should be breached differs: It’s not just black and white There are many gray zones in between …..

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