An Interesting Trend I Noticed on New Year’s Eve About Video Chat

It’s 2012 and we’re in the midst of a brand new year that is likely to have some amazing things in store. The year 2012 is advancing and we all know that most people go out to the city areas or clubs to for a night out on the town. For me it was a relaxing one since I stayed home as I had my sister and mom visiting. That’s why I decided to utilize my laptop to find out what the rest of the world was doing. After a few minutes on Twitter, I decided to go to some chat websites such as Tinychat and co. to check if anyone was in the mood to spend their New Year’s Eve. I was surprised to find hundreds of users on Tinychat which was forming ever more groups to anyone who wanted to join them. Similar was the case for other sites I visited, such as Omegle, Chatroulette etc. Then I started to think what would happen if, in the next 10 years the majority of people had spent our most important events on these websites.

When I first joined Tinychat I saw that there were over 100,000 streams in operation and the stream count was growing. I chose to join a stream that was popular on the homepage. In reality, I’ve always been a fan of Tinychat and I am a huge fan of watching and observing the exciting streams. The stream I was a part of at the time was packed with all 12 cam chats with people hopping in and out and everyone was wishing everyone a happy New Year. It was enjoyable, especially since people claim that the majority of people who would do this will be “losers”. The majority of people appeared to be the normal teenager in their history classes. A majority of streamers shared stories, threw a few flirts at each the other, and enjoyed a night of hanging out waiting for the start of the new year and stayed in Tinychat which I found to be pretty amazing being able to hang out with total strangers in 5 minutes. spending a minute like this.

So I spent another few moments on Tinychat and then decided to move go to Omegle as well as Chatroulette for a look at if there were chatting randomly on New Year’s Eve also. As I expected, there were more than 25000 users active on each of the services. I joined and most of my friends were shouting or sending me wishes for a wonderful new year. It was interesting to find that the majority of people were in groups, so it seemed more of a connection between different group of people from all over the globe on Omegle to wish each other a Happy New Year.

After visiting several more omegle tv.

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