Building Information Modelling is a process for creating and managing information on a construction project across the project lifecycle. 


Let’s look into the advantages of having a BIM for your project

Find issues in the projectBIM is one of the only ways of understanding all the issues involved in a project from the design stage onwards and this will help to control the cost of construction.

Make work saferBIM minimizes risks by simulating the entire structure, it’s easier to spot safety issues and proactively resolve them before they might cause harm.

Achieve professional efficiencies – Digital insights enable designers to predict and optimize operational requirements, size systems for efficiency and reduce costs. This also drives sustainability.

BIM uses three-dimensional Building Modeling software to increase the productivity of consultants and contractors during the whole asset life cycle.


DSP Consultants provide Scan to BIM Services, to convert scans of existing buildings including commercial buildings, educational institutes, historical monuments, hotels, and train stations or structures to information-rich 3D models.


Besides bringing more efficiency to the work, BIM allows the construction teams to capture the data they create during this process to benefit operations and maintenance activities. 

We always ensure that our AutoCAD Drawings are of industry standards and accurate as per client specifications.