A kitchen is the central headquarters for every family home. The kitchen is the show-place of the home, and also have to function well for a wide variety of tasks. A well-equipped, beautifully presented kitchen will a favorite place in your home.

To get a beautifully designed and comfortable kitchen, you have to  consider both the utility and the look factor.


Kitchen design ideas

Choose the design that suits your family best, that every member of family like.

When thinking of designing your kitchen, you could either consider single elements to change or whole kitchen in the same time to remodeling.

You could select a particular style and material for the kitchen floor, for the kitchen walls, the storing places etc. Depending upon the amount of money you are willing to spend, this can be done in various ways.

In this article, I would like to give you some specific design ideas for the kitchen of your dream. 

Kitchen floor

Your flooring choice, material and color is important as it will set the tone for the whole kitchen. The textural quality of the floor always appeals to the eye and has a radical effect on how one perceives the room as a complete.

Most popular and elegant floors are made of ceramic tiles, stone tiles or hardwood floors. Ceramic tiles are the most common choice for every kitchen floor, because they look perfect in every kitchen, important is only color of the tiles.

Kitchen countertops

While choosing your countertop, you have to select a color and texture that will compliment your cabinetry, floor and paint selection. Don’t be afraid in combining a few countertop materials. While selecting the materials of countertops, you should remember that, it pays to select a material, which will withstand years of use.

Material for countertops should be easy main tenanted and easily repairable. Granite, copper or marble are always strong options to think because they meet the conditions of strong countertop.

Kitchen walls

A very good choice for kitchen walls is to install ceramic tiles and copper tiles or stainless steel backsplash which will protect the wall from dirty stains from cooking. Both, ceramic tiles and copper tiles are easy to maintenance and can lay on the walls for many years. If you like original wall decorations, you can order a set of handmade copper backsplash tiles with art motive. For people who prefer bright color of the walls, I would like to recommend a stainless steel tiles for backsplash.



Kitchen lighting

While arranging the kitchen lights you have two choices, you might have a large ceiling fixture,  that supply plenty of well-diffused general lighting, or you can decide to install a few special strong lights in working areas and on the ceiling you can reduce lights.


The perfect arrangement of the kitchen

Kitchen designing is very hard work, because an effect is always perceived differently by different recipients, and you should remember that kitchen layouts should be done according to the necessities of the prime user of the kitchen.

While designing your kitchen plan, you should follow the stages.

Stages in kitchen design layout

Follow off these simple steps in order to get your kitchen space rightly utilized and to get a desirable look.

·        Measure your kitchen in a detailed manner and mark on the plan the position of the doors, windows, electric points, sinks and drains.

·        Demarcate the kitchen areas into three areas, storage, cooking and cleaning.

·        Make a list of necessary kitchen appliances that you will use in the kitchen, and provide space for them according to their dimensions.

Keep triangle rule in mind and then design your kitchen in a style that fits in accordance to your family tastes.

Good luck