If your old car has seen its last days and is no longer road-worthy, instead of letting it rot in an environmentally-unfriendly way or letting it mar your yard or take up unnecessary space in your scrap my car garage, it is better to dispose of it by getting it towed to a scrap car yard. A scrap car yard is a place where all old, useless cars can be sold as scrap and it is equipped to handle the destruction and recycling of the scrap car. There are many state-authorized scrap car yards but there are others which are into this business because it is lucrative. Before sending the car to any odd yard, be sure to check whether it has a valid license to operate and handle the car or scrap car buyers not.

You can easily sell your scrap car for cash and although you certainly won’t retire on that money, you can still get something for that useless heap. The increasing value of scrap metal has led to a boom in this business and there are many scrap car yards available now. These yards are always on the lookout for additions to their scrap heap and to this intent they are not sparing any expenses in advertising.

You will come across huge billboards along major routes advertising the breakers yard and local newspapers and magazines will also be full of advertisements for scrap yards. This is because enormous profits can be amassed from processing scrap cars.

These yards make money mainly by selling the still usable parts of the vehicle to people who want cheap secondhand replacements for their cars and by crushing the remaining heap of the car and selling the metal as scrap. There are always plenty of people on the lookout for cheap replacements for their car parts and these yards can be the best place to source the parts at very nominal rates. The increasing demand for the scrap metal has led to a corresponding rise in its value and the appreciating prices let these yards make better profits on the scrap metal.

To sell your scrap car for cash at a better rate, remove anything that is not metal as the yards have no requirements for anything non-metal. Not removing the non-metal bits will only bring down the car’s price and you will not be able to negotiate a good deal. While you are at it, you must also remove all those parts which you think can be reused; you can try and sell them on eBay for better profit margins. Why should you let someone else make all the profit from your scrap car?