Back in the simple days eCommerce business owners would start out with a storage and shipping center in their Ecommerce fulfillment basement. They would struggle to save enough money to afford some warehouse space and shipping staff. This would make expanding very difficult and most business would never overcome this hurdle despite an initial success in sales. With eCommerce fulfillment it is possible to expand a business with minimal effort and at a fraction of the order fulfillment service cost.
The possibilities of fulfillment have lead many businesses to success and the exciting part is that this industry is still evolving. In essence fulfillment is a distribution center or a way to outsource shipping. A fulfillment center differs from distribution centers because it is practical for businesses of all sizes. Outsourcing the shipping process removes the need for storage space, shipping staff and the physical efforts required to manage the inventory. This frees up some much-needed time for business owners to focus on sales and promoting their brand. 
With all of these great features you may wonder how fulfillment centers can afford to save you money. The answer is fulfillment centers specialize in what they do. With state of the art tools and technology, fulfillment centers are top-level experts in the logistics department. They work quicker and more efficiently than any eCommerce business could ever dream of. Their efficiency is just one way they can afford to charge you less, their courier partnerships is another.
Fulfillment centers partner up with major couriers such as Fedex, UPS and USPS to bring you the lowest rates possible. The sheer volume of orders going through a fulfillment center is enough incentive for courier companies to offer amazing shipping rates that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Fulfillment makes it possible for small businesses of one hundred monthly orders to receive shipping rates comparable to companies that have hundreds of thousands and even millions of monthly orders.
The most common concern business owners have with fulfillment centers is the separation from their inventory. They worry about the quality of the shipping services and the lack of control that they have. The quality of the service is not an issue since fulfillment centers depend on consumer satisfaction in order to retain their clients. Ultimately the business owner has full control over the inventory at all times with 24/7 access to online inventory management tools. It is always possible to create new SKUs, recall inventory, project sales, etc. All of these features are as easy as logging on and pushing a button.
With the help of fulfillment services, business owners can make a seamless transition from a basement operation to a full-fledged eCommerce business. Shipping and storage comes at a fraction of the price while full control over inventory is maintained. Fulfillment allows successful businesses to skyrocket overnight without being limited by their logistics resources. Fulfillment is also an excellent solution to a seasonal rush where regular shipping staff simply cannot keep up. There is no question that fulfillment has changed the face of eCommerce businesses, and many business agree that in today’s age, fulfillment is something they cannot do without.