If you are investing in new roofing for your home, you may be looking for the lowest costing option to replacing it. It is quite common for people to want an affordable option, one that allows them to handle the investment in their home without breaking the bank in the process. That is why many look to avoiding the tear down of the actual roof and the replacement of it. Many times, the contractor will tell you that to lower the costs, the company can just layer the new product on top of the roofing contractors portland Oregon old. Is this a good idea, though?

Why Do it?

In some cases, it is just fine to layer the new roofing on top of the old. Before you make this decision, though, there are a few things to keep in mind. It is often less expensive to do this. Doing so can also help you to simply patch the problems or, in some resident’s eyes, just add another layer of protection. It is less expensive because there is less labor involved in the process, but that is about all of the benefit that you will have when it comes to this roofing in Portland Oregon process.

What Are Building Codes?

Most of the time, building codes require that you install a new roof if you already have two layers. That means you need to tear off the old to put the new on. If there are two layers in place, you may need to ensure that the local building codes will allow you to put more than one in place. These ordinances are in place because of the risk that this poses to homeowners. Too many layers of these heavy sheets of asphalt can put a lot of weight on the structure and, in most cases though the actual wooden structure and framing of the home can only handle the weight of two layers.

What’s Underneath?

Another problem with just adding a new layer on top is that you have no idea what’s under it all. If you have even one leak in your roof right now, it could be causing damage to the wooden structure, the rafters and even the home’s framing. If you cannot see that there is rot occurring or there is an infestation present, you could be sealing those into your home, allowing mold to occur, or the condition to worsen.