Remember, you are the most important couple at your wedding! You need to relax and enjoy your big day! Caricaturist London


You may be too busy to be drawn on the day, to avoid disappointment so you can always send the wedding caricaturist your photos beforehand and ask them to capture that special moment again for you… most will be only too happy to do this.


If you really want your day to go well then you have to bear these points in mind:

– waiters are very busy at this point and there isn’t always room to spare

– guests will be looking down during most of their meal

– some people are uncomfortable being drawn when eating


Remember, not all your guests will want to have a caricature drawn, usually it’s around 80%, so try and gauge the time/guests scenario. Your wedding caricaturist will only stay for a limited time, so you need to make sure all your important guests are done first.


You can either choose the option of your wedding caricaturist mixing and mingling amongst your guests or if you would prefer they can stay in one spot and have your guests come to them.


The area needs to be well lit, therefore if you intend to have soft lighting for your disco, bear this in mind.


Most couples choose an appropriate Reception area for best results.


Wherever, your caricaturist sits there tends to queue or a line, so you’ll need to take this into consideration and ensure enough room is provided to accommodate them.

Tip #9

Why should you use a wedding caricaturist services? In my experience brides and grooms are just so busy on their big day what with the photos and the church or register office service, they often need to leave their guests to their own devices for quite some time. Employing the services of a wedding caricaturist just gives you that breathing space to relax and enjoy your big day.