Lets face it… staging a house for sale with physical furniture has become a chore. Between vendors being
booked months in virtual staging advance and charging 2 or 3 times what they did before the pandemic, it is almost impossible
for realtors like us to get decent furniture into listings before open houses. This means delaying the listing going
live and potentially missing out on home sales while interest rates go up and buyers look elsewhere. But all is
not lost…
For my own real estate business, I recently turned to Realtors Media House, one of the virtual home staging
companies near me, for luxury digital staging. This switch has saved time, money, and hassle. Digital furniture
staging looks almost identical in photographs and allows me to select my own decor style for an affordable rate.
The best part of all about virtual staging is the fast turn around, meaning I can get my homes listed and sold
quickly in a hot market. Virtual staging is clearly the future of the real estate industry providing realtors with a
quick, easy, and affordable way to help buyers envision themselves in an inviting home!
What is it exactly? Virtual staging is magic… a new process of using technology to digitally stage a home for sale
or rent. This involves virtually inserting furniture, decor, and other items into your photos of an empty or sparsely
furnished space. The end result is a visually appealing and perfectly staged environment that can be used for
marketing purposes and to help potential buyers or renters envision what the space could look like if it were
furnished. And the best part is it looks so good most people can’t even tell the furniture was digitally added to the
empty listing. The process is relatively new and allows realtors, property managers, developers, and interior
designers to quickly render beautiful living spaces without the trouble of physical furniture staging. Luxury home
staging offers digital furniture solutions in many decor styles with fast turn around and affordable pricing.
Whether you are a realtor, a developer, a property manager, or interior designer… the biggest benefit of virtual
staging is cost savings. Traditional house staging is absurdly expensive, as it involves renting furniture, decor,
and other items and paying movers to show up and stage the home. If you are a realtor, developer, or property
manager who has tried to stage an empty space in the last two years… then you already know. With virtual
staging, the cost is significantly lower and the end result in many cases looks much better.
Virtual staging also allows for greater flexibility and customization. With physical staging, the furniture and decor
that are available for rent may not be ideal for the space or the style of the home. With Realtors Media House
easy virtual staging submission form, the style options are almost limitless, and the process is as easy as
uploading your existing photographs and submitting the job. The virtual staging experts then place the furniture
in frame and deliver the photos back to you quickly.
Another benefit of virtual furniture staging is that it is a more environmentally friendly option. Physical staging
often requires a lot of transportation and moving of furniture and decor, which can contribute to carbon
emissions. Virtual staging, on the other hand, has a much smaller carbon footprint, as it only involves the use of
Virtual furniture staging with Realtors Media House is also a faster process than home staging. It can be done
within a matter of hours, whereas physical staging can take days or even weeks to set up and take down. This
allows for a quicker turnaround time for marketing and selling or renting a property… something which is
incredibly important in hot markets with low volume and fluctuating mortgage rates. Plus, this saves you time as
a realtor that you can then spend on marketing instead of showing up to listings to supervise the staging
Finally, virtual home staging allows for a realistic visualization of the space. Actual furniture staging can often
look out of place because vendors will just use whatever furniture they have on hand at a given time rather than
select pieces which truly fit the style of the home. Virtual staging on the other hand, provides a more natural and
authentic look which works in harmony with the style of the listing.
In conclusion, virtual staging is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, flexible, fast, and realistic alternative to
traditional home staging. As technology continues to advance, it is likely that virtual staging will become an even
more popular and mainstream option for staging homes. If you are a realtor having the same furniture staging
dilemma as I was, I strongly encourage you to give digital furniture staging a go… you won’t go back. This new
time saving cost saving option is clearly the future of real estate listings online, and Realtors Media House is
definitely leading the way with virtual home staging solutions.