Like all online casinos, casinos that offer cashback bonuses can also have other offers. Usually you get a welcome package that you can play, but the cashbacks continue and are, for example, weekly. Cashback is also a very common offer in other respects. Even if an online casino offers, for example, a traditional 100% bonus, the same casino can have a cashback offer every week.

So how do cashbacks work in practice? Usually, the online casino pays money back if the player loses. The terms and conditions may vary of course, but the most common cashback is 10% or 20%. If the player loses, for example 100 €, when he loses, he gets 10 € (10%) or 20€ (20%) back. Most of the time, this is pure money, i.e. without wagering requirements. This is call “real cashback”. The money can be withdrawn or played. However, you should always check the specific terms and conditions on a case-by-case basis on the online casino’s own pages.

Cashback casinos are particularly suitable for high rollers, i.e. those who play big. This because the best cashback casino offers are specifically without any restrictions. It means that you can get any amount of money back. It also means that there are no wagering requirements and bets are not limited, as is often the case with casino bonuses. For example, big casino bonuses are to the liking of high rollers, but usually only if the maximum bet of €5 is acceptable.

The most common cashback is one where you play first and then get your money back if you lose. There are also exceptions, i.e. special features where you get cashback for every spin – won or lost.

In any case, it is good to always check the bonus conditions on the casino’s own website. We mostly recommend real cashback casinos!

Remember to play responsibly and follow your local rules and age limits for gambling.