If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for ways to save money. Well, government rebates are a great way to do just that! In this blog post, we’ll discuss the NSW government scheme and how Efficient Energy Group can help you upgrade your existing lights to LED and save you money using the rebate.

What is the NSW Energy saving scheme? 

The Energy Savings Scheme is an NSW Government initiative that encourages businesses to install more energy-efficient lighting, like LEDs. The scheme offers rebates to businesses that install energy-efficient lighting, which can help offset the cost of the upgrade. To get involved, businesses need to find an accredited Energy Savings Scheme installer, like an LED lighting specialist. The installer will assess the business premises and recommend a lighting upgrade that is eligible for the Energy Savings Scheme rebate. Once the installation is complete, the business can claim its rebate from the NSW Government. The Energy Savings Scheme helps businesses save money on their energy bills and do their bit for the environment, making it a win-win proposition. The scheme offers a range of incentives, it also includes incentives for draught-proofing and equipment upgrades. 

What are the benefits of upgrading to LED?

LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, which means they use less electricity and last longer. LED lights also emit less heat, which can help reduce your air conditioning costs in the summer.

How does it work? 

To be eligible for the rebate, your business must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and use less than 100 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity per year. 

At Efficient Energy Group, we are experts in helping businesses save money on their energy costs. We can help you determine if you’re eligible for the NSW government rebate and assist with the application process. We also offer a range of other services to help businesses reduce their energy consumption,

How do I get involved? 

If you would like to participate, you will need to work with an ACP to arrange an upgrade at your property. Its simple process. The first step is engaging with a ACP you will be able to find a list on the NSW  

What is an ACP?

An accredited certificate provider (ACP) issues certificates for energy efficiency actions undertaken by participants in the Scheme. The Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) are a vital part of the Energy Savings Scheme. They create certificates that can be sold to meet energy obligations, and these providers play an important role in helping families reduce their electricity bills!

Efficient Energy Group is an ACP. We help businesses save money by upgrading their existing lights to LED and provide 

Does the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) give rebates?

No, the ESS is a certificate trading scheme that does not give direct rebates. However, under the ESS, ACPs may create energy savings certificates (ESCs) for the energy savings that arise from the upgrades they deliver. ESCs have a monetary value and can be traded in the open market. The revenue that participants in the Scheme earn from selling their ESCs goes towards funding the costs of their energy efficiency upgrades.

How much money can my business save? 

The amount of money your business saves will depend on a number of factors, including the type of lighting.  For example, replacing 50 inefficient halogen downlights with LED downlights could save a small business around $700 per year on their energy bill.

To learn more about how your business can save money with government rebates, contact Efficient Energy Group today! We offer a free consultation to help you determine if you’re eligible for the NSW government rebate.

We hope this blog post has been informative and helpful. If you have any questions about the NSW government rebate or how we can help you save money on your energy costs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!


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