LA water mixed drink is one of the alluring looking and incredible tasting mixed drinks that you should attempt once assuming you are paying special attention to one such beverage. Mixed drinks are for the most part liked for the assortment they give to the consumers and the alcoholic substance additionally doesn’t hit you straight. For that large number of beginner consumers, Cocktails are an incredible spot to begin! With regards to LA Water drink, this is one stage greater than light mixed drinks since this one has every one of the significant spirits in it and this ought to be your subsequent advance in getting in drinks.

This well known mixed drink is Dark Green in Color and can pull your consideration only for the appearance it has.

Here you go for LA water drink recipe

A direct relation to the well known Long Island Tea, this LA Water mixed drink makes certain to give you a migraine on the off chance that you haven’t attempted a combination of many soul assortments. Notwithstanding, assuming you are hoping to have a good time at the party without getting it to an extreme, yet at the same time have a sample of various beverages, LA water makes certain to be on your rundown.


Actually no, not the Los Angeles River Water! However, this gets its name from the waterway just for its appearance! Be that as it may, obviously, drink this one beyond question! Bubbly and Energetic as could be!

Cooking Time: 0 min

Planning Time: 3 min

Course: Drinks

Cooking: Cocktails

Servings: 1

Calories: 168


½ ounce Vodka

½ ounce Gin

½ ounce White Rum

½ ounce Silver Tequila

½ ounce Triple Sec

½ ounce Melon Liqueur (Midori, if conceivable)

½ ounce Blue Curacao

½ ounce Raspberry Liqueur

½ ounce Sweet and Sour

Orange Wedge for Garnish


1. Add a lot of Ice 3D squares in a Pint Glass

2. Add all the above fixings individually into the Pint Glass, pouring one over the other.

3. Mix the beverages without a doubt, tenderly, potentially utilizing a blending spoon.

4. Embellish with Orange Wedge and potentially a Cherry on top.

5. Serve and Enjoy the Drink!


Blue Curacao and Melon Liqueur are vital for this mixed drink as they consolidate to give the trademark Dark Green Color. Midori is an incredible Melon Liqueur that gives the best outcomes and close by, use Chambord Raspberry Liqueur for extraordinary character.

Add ice up to ¾ or even somewhat more onto a Pint Glass or even a Highball Glass. This gives a chilling beverage that additionally doesn’t make the spirits hit you inside the mouth or down the throat.

You could eliminate a couple of fixings and substitute them with others. Trust me, they all taste incredible, however they truly do have an alternate name. Thus, for an ideal LA Water mixed drink, just the above fixings function admirably.


Long Island Tea – LA Water drink, less Blue Curacao, Raspberry Liqueur, Melon Liqueur, in addition to Coke and Lemon Juice.

Tokyo Tea – LA Water drink, less Blue Curacao, Raspberry Liqueur, in addition to Cointreau, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup and Soda Water .

AMF Cocktail – LA Water drink, less Raspberry Liqueur, Melon Liqueur, in addition to Lime Soda

Since this Cocktail has four distinct liquor assortments, be wary about the sum you drink. This might prompt a complicated Hangover the following day on the off chance that you haven’t attempted this previously.

Healthful FACTS:

Calories per serving:      168

Protein:                         –

Carbs:                          3g

Sugar:                          –

Flavor:              Fruity

Strength:           Strong

ABV:                 30% (60 proof)

LA Water drink is a solid mixed drink that makes certain to give you all the pleasant you want, all the shading your eyes need and all the tasting experience you and your companions need. It is exceptionally easy to make and an extraordinary option in contrast to Long Island Tea.