Air conditioners require frequent maintenance and repair to ensure that they operate at their peak. In addition, a maintained AC unit run better, an efficient model can help you save money each month on your energy bills. Here’s a look at a few important maintenance and repair tasks to be completed frequently to every year on your AC unit.

1. Clean the Filter Frequently

One of the simplest actions you can take to ensure that your ac service al khawaneej functioning effectively is to clean the filter. As time passes the filter will collect dust, dirt and other debris that could cause obstruction. This accumulation causes the quantity of air intake to decrease, and increase the amount of energy required to keep the area cool. Once every two or four weeks clean the filter using an attachment for the vacuum cleaner. If the filter is heavily filthy clean the filter with warm water with mild dishwashing detergent. The filter should air dry out in the direct light.

2. Replace Filters When Necessary

If the filter you have isn’t recyclable, it’s likely to have replacement every two or three months. Removing a dirty, clogged filter with a fresh one could lower the power consumption of your air conditioner by 5 to 15. Filters that are constantly in use, or in homes that have pets could require more frequent cleaning. In addition to noticing an improvement in the air quality inside your house, but you’ll prevent dust and dirt from getting into the system and causing costly repairs to your air conditioner later on.

3. Make sure you have Coils that are in good condition.

Condenser and evaporator coils in your unit are prone to collecting dirt and dust during the course of the cooling season. Coils that are dirty are unable take in heat effectively as clean ones that reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning. Every year, at least examine the coils to make sure they are in good condition. If you don’t have any experience in cleaning coils, employ an experienced repair service to finish the task.

4. Seal and Insulate Your Cooling Ducts

By sealing and insulate your cooling ducts, you will significantly increase the effectiveness that you get from you ac service mirdif system. It is best to focus on areas that require sealing and insulation like basements attics, crawl spaces and garages. Make use of duct sealant, or metal-backed tape to seal seams and connections. Then, you’ll need to insulate the ducts in order to prevent cool air from escape. Insulate and seal the cooling ducts will increase the efficiency of your system as much as 20 percent.

5. Maintain the Area Around the Unit

Outside AC units can rapidly accumulate dirt and require periodic maintenance. Make use of a shop vacuum to take away any dust, dirt as well as fallen leaves and other debris that might be accumulating around or in the unit. Cut back trees and bushes within the vicinity, since the condensing unit must be able to accommodate a minimum of the clearance of two feet. Make sure to check the drain lines to make sure that the water flows freely and is not backed up. It is also essential to regularly clean the drain pans for condensate to avoid the growth of mold.