The KAI Group is the biggest Bulgarian producer of clay tiles and the main maker of coated and unglazed porcelain tiles on the Balkan Peninsula. The Group was joined in 1997 and joins the plants Khan Asparuh – Isperih and Khan Omurtag – Shumen. The item range Mincio incorporates divider and floor artistic tiles, porcelain tiles and brightening components (incerts and listels) for indoor and outside enrichment.

The execution of an aspiring task for modernization and development of the two processing plants – Khan Asparuh AD and Khan Omurtag AD – has transformed KAI Group into one of the forerunners in the business on the Balkans, however in Europe also. The maintainable long haul extension procedure and the endeavors utilized by the group, assisted with forcing the name KAI Group as a right accomplice, offering appealing conveyance terms both in Bulgaria and abroad.

The general yearly limit of the Group surpasses 17 million sq. m. of floor and divider fired tiles and porcelain tiles. The greater part the creation is assigned for product to north of 25 nations in Europe and all through the world. In Bulgaria the development of the two plants can be bought in the retail and discount networks in the country.

When planning its models, KAI Group carries out the world customs in presenting new organizations, aspects and multicolor examples by first adjusting them to the particular nature and prerequisites of the Bulgarian market. The item range covers a wide assortment of fired tiles and enlivening components that would fulfill any taste. In the plan stage itself, exceptional consideration is paid to the series and models that are utilized in the development, recreation and upkeep works in inns and for renovating lodgings, workplaces and outlets.

One of the perpetual objectives of the organization is to live up to the assumptions of every customer and to arrive at each home. To this end total arrangements are offered like series for covering the whole restroom. These incorporate floor tiles (earthenware and porcelain tiles), light and dull divider tiles, expanded by enriching components (listels and incerts). Separate individual floor materials are exceptionally intended for covering passageways, normal parts, façades, workplaces or modern premises.