Accepting the sky with beauty
what pixies will you see?
A goddess
calling out for enchantment,
will your gravestone pomniki bydgoszcz
compose your melody,
or on the other hand slip into the residue?

Who I am,
who I can be,
I figure out those accounts,
each and every day.

I essentially can’t focus on an entire day of consideration,
difficult exercises of the brain,
determinations set on a solitary drive.

Harmony birds light upon my window,
they need access,
I see them,
occasionally I am not actually me.
Oft times I stand by too long to even consider welcoming them,
then, at that point, observe they’ve lost their feet.

I stress,
goddess post,
composing stories of shrewdness,
at times defeat with dramatization,
now and then narcissistic.
It is that ladies who remains in dust,
everlastingly calling,
toward unguarded pardoning.

Desire becomes me on occasion,
desire that comes in unopened books,
considerations that create delight,
not sexual 100% of the time.
here I am,
in my own artworks,
remaining in line to apologize.

Assuming movement be my comfort,
my stowing away is shamed.
Assuming that Lily be my youngster,
Goodness Lily excuse me!
Meet me inside,
and afterward we right?

I will attempt…
I will!
Each and every day.
I will remain on wet grass,
reveal the seeds of aching plants,
push arousing to the brink of collapse.
I’ll make an effort not to sleep past Lily’s nuance.
She is without a doubt well a dressed,
with unique excellence,
notwithstanding the interruptions,
of the shimmering bundles,
inside my crate of shadings.

Be that as it may, gracious young lady of mine,
these waves that I breathe in,
these rankling updates,
I realize I will again let you down.
So I close,
not being great,
in the event that to be sure there is a goddess in me by any means?
I will pull a cover over your eyes,
dream pixies holding on,
mermaids softening in the undeniable trend,
to remind me,
in case I waver,
what’s more curve to lopsided guarantees,