In the time that Snelling was in her college years, she was enticed to work for a tiny company situated in North Carolina part time. “I considered it fun for me to go on a trip,” she recalls. “Little did I know that it really wasn’t all about travel.” However, the job had advantages. Indeed, her experience working at Atlas Travel International landed her an accounting position. Sure, she was at behind the Atlas office keeping the bookkeeping but she soon realized that she was the right person for the job.Kayak Rentals Maui

“When I realized the accounting could drive me insane, I employed my skills as a customer service representative and joined the front desk to work as a travel advisor,” Snelling says. She was also involved in leisure trips as well as corporate reservations. “As an agent for travel I was a fan of working with clients to give them with what they were seeking in travel,” she says. In the next few years Snelling was managing the agency for tourism and travel in addition to training agents and many other things. The largest client of Snelling’s employed her to establish the client service department. She later relocated into Massachusetts where her tourism and travel career prospered.

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A Day in the Life of an Travel and Tourism Pro

For Snelling There’s no regular day in her tourism and travel career. “It’s so fast-paced that changing is the only expectation that is typical,” she explains. “You should expect that every task list you begin with won’t be the one you will be following through the entire day.” From customer service inquiries from within to a myriad of external requests many of which are not anticipated.

After all is done the day-to-day stress is offset by Snelling’s satisfaction at helping people who need her knowledge of travel and tourism and support. “The industry has not been predictable or typical. It is always a source of excitement,” says Snelling. “Learning about the amazing places around the globe also is what makes my job so exciting.”

Snelling’s Tips from Travel and Tourism College to Work

Of course, the subject of tourism education is essential. You’ll need to attend the college of travel and toursim before landing a dream job such as Snelling. Learn from the college of tourism and travel with practical experience, says Snelling. “Get as as much experience in customer service as well as business management as you can,” she says. “If you discover anything about the industry of travel this will surely aid you.”

Snelling explains that the careers of travel and tourism are distinctive, so be sure to take your time researching. Once you’ve earned your degrees in travel and tourism from a tourism and travel college, you’ll be able to find an employment opportunity with a reputable firm. “Stay at that organization as you learn,” Snelling explains. “Work to the max, and be awed by the challenges that you have to face.”